Pacan Murray Grey Stud

Pacan Murray Greys relocated in January 2015, following our Major Reduction Sale at the Kumbia property. We retained  what we believe to be eight of the best females, and moved these to a very scenic smaller property at Mt Kilcoy, in the Somerset.

We have also temporarily retained Pacan El Cid, our senior stud sire, and arguably the best bull we have bred in forty years.

Our breeding principles are unchanged: we still aim to produce fertile, profitable, easy care seedstock for both stud and commercial breeders, with a focus on four main areas of performance.

Our aim is to produce Murray Greys with large frame, sound skeletal structure and the ability to grow to significant mature weights.

Our cattle will be well muscled but with soft fleshing, with bulls showing strength and masculinity, and  females softness and femininity, as well as strength of constitution.

Bulls will be active and mobile, standing on good feet and legs, and with sound reproductive system development. Cows will conceive and calve easily, have good udders, and milk well under all pasture conditions.

They will display proven growth potential, evidenced by Murray Grey Group Breedplan EBVs and the animal's own measured growth performance.

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